New Walk-In Clinic Comes To Morven, Georgia

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Winnie Wright
June 2, 2014

Morven, Georgia - Dr. Myron Faircloth has a unique philosophy behind the new Peach City Clinic in Morven, Georgia. "Sometimes you don't ask the people to go to you, you go to the people", he says.

The cash clinic will serve those in need of affordable health care, many of them, workers on the peach orchards.... who before now, Faircloth says, would have to drive to either Quitman or Valdosta for care.

"Many people don't have ways of transportation. Now they can just walk to the clinic in the town."

According to Dr. Faircloth, all patients have to do, is come by the clinic with $50 for the visit. He says for right now, they're going to be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and weekends.

Patients of the new clinic say they appreciate that Dr. Faircloth, who was raised in Morven, has come back. They say it's something the community has needed for a long time.

"If you don't have insurance, what are you doing to do? You've got to see somebody if you're sick", says David Long, a patient of Peach City Clinic.

Faircloth says he and his partners came up with the idea for the cash clinic after they realized many people weren't going to the doctor because they couldn't afford it .

The Peach City Clinic is now open and accepting new patients at 468 Park Street in Morven. For more information on the clinic, its office hours, and what to bring, call (229) 251-5660.