Tallahassee, Or 'Trailahassee'?

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The mix of a cool breeze and bright sun made it a great day for people to enjoy Tallahassee's nature trails Wednesday and there are plenty of them.

With so many options, there's a way to find out about all this area has to offer. It's called Trailahassee.com.

Officials with the county held a meeting Wednesday to discuss all the features on the site. Dallas Johnson attended the meeting.

"Makes it convenient to plan your trip," Johnson said.

"I've learned about some new trails already and where they start and stop and was able to learn through the site what's available."

One of the helpful tools for the website is it shows activities which are good for each trail, such as walking, hiking, biking and more.

That feature can be found if you click on a specific trail and look directly to the right.

Other features include an interactive map, plenty of information about the trails and social media where you can share or see others experiences.

"It really is a tremendous resource that provides, not only residents, but vacationers with detailed information. It's a very interactive site," said Gary Stogner, the senior marketing manager for Leon County Tourism Development.

There are around 80 trails featured on the site, covering 600 miles to explore.

Another meeting for Trailahassee will be held October 17, at the Leon County Library.

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