New Years at Kleman Plaza

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Tallahassee, FL - We're just a little over an hour away from ringing in a new year and leaving 2012 behind.

Curt Reilly has been preparing Tallahassee's inaugural new year's eve celebration at Kleman Plaza since the end of the summer.

Curt Reilly, Event Organizer, stated, "I think people are really encouraged to come downtown we've done a good job of promoting the event."

The portion of Duval Street was blocked off with ice skating, food and drinks and several live bands performing on a 65 ft. stage.

Curt Reilly, Event Organizer: "we tried to have everybody come down that could enjoy and take in Tallahassee."

The city has been marketing the new year's event not just for adults but for entire families.

Frank Jordan took his 6 year old granddaughter Kenton to the skate rink for the fun.

Frank Jordan, Event Organizer, stated, "and it's really a very family atmosphere and there's not a lot of rowdiness on you know it's very pleasant."

Frank Jordan: "it's intended to be a family event for our downtown and we think that it will be well received."

Organizers say anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 people will ring in the new year downtown.

Frank Jordan, Event Organizer, stated, "it just seems like the pieces are in place for a very successful event."

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