New TMH Cardiac Program Rebuilding Patient's Lives

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Tallahassee, FL -- Five weeks ago, Doug Wright was just finishing working out at Premiere Fitness when the unthinkable happened. Wright suffered a stroke and collapsed on his eliptical machine.

Thanks to quick action by the staff and TMH doctors, the clot from Wright's brain was removed and his life was saved, but left him with some paralysis on the right side of his body and decreased motor and verbal skills.

Today you would never know it. Thanks to TMH's new cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program, Wright has recovered most of the strength he lost in just a little over a month.

"They set me up on a program, and I've continued on that, and each time i come which is three times a week, they increase the time or the workload i'm working against and they're gradually brining me back but it's been much quicker than i thought it would be," said Wright during one of his workouts at the hospital's gym.

The rehab center at TMH tailors individual workout programs to patients recovering from cardio or pulminary surgeries and diseases. Wright said his sessions last more than two hours three times a week. His goal is to regain the strength to start going back to the gym on his own.

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