New Restaurant Opens in Former Chez Pierre Spot

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Tuesday, Hunter & Harp Hospitality introduced The Front Porch Restaurant.

It's a new upscale seafood spot located in midtown off of Thomasville road.

The doors officially opened at 3 p.m. Tuesday and will stay open until midnight.

There's an ostyer bar, large wine menu and other dining features.

The Front Porch replaces popular Chez Pierre that once thrived in the same location.

Tallahassee, FL --June 13, 2012--

A new restaurant is coming to Tallahassee.

Plans for the 'Front Porch Restaurant' were announced Wednesday 6-13-12. It will take over the former Chez Pierre property off of Thomasville Road. The restaurant is expected to undergo about a million dollars worth of renovations before it opens.

"We're putting a lot of emphasis on the front porch areas, for obvious reasons. We're highlighting that as the gathering place. We've relocated the bar area. We've changed some of the flow in there. But you'll see some exciting changes inside the building as well," says Marc Bauer of Hunter & Harp Hospitality.

The restaurant is set to open in September. It will specialize in seafood dishes and is locally owned.

Bauer says they purchased the former Chez Pierre property about a month and a half ago.

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