No Damage Expected After Withlacoochee River Rises To Minor Flood Stage

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By Eames Yates
August 21, 2013

Lowndes County, GA -

The Withlacoochee River has risen above the fifteen feet requirment for a minor flood stage. But that doesn't mean the threat of rising water could impact your home just yet.

Lowndes County Clerk Paige Dukes said "we have not recieved any indication from forcasters that over the next few days or the next week or so that we're going to be impacted here locally related to property damage and flooding. However that just depends on what mother nature decides to drop above us."

With memories of past floods still fresh, home owners and local businesses that border the river don't want to take chances.

Convenience store owner Hiren Patel said "it's a very big concern with me because like I said four and half years ago this store got five and a half feet of water and it destroyed all the product that we have in the store and every time it rains I'm fearing that it's going to do it again."

Patel has crates ready to stack merchandise if it does flood. But damaged property isn't the only threat. For those that want to go swimming, currents can be dangerous.

Dukes went on to say "this is unfortunately the conditions under which we end up having to send water rescue out sometimes so please be smart. If the water's high and it's running fast that's not the time to be on one of our rivers."

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