No Reservations Required: Volunteers Fed All Who Showed This Thanksgiving

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Tallahassee, FL - Everything was on the menu at American Legion Post 13 in Tallahassee for their community Thanksgiving meal.

"We got smoked turkey today, mashed potatoes that was made by the Big Bend homeless coalition, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing! Cornbread sutffing made by Leon High School students. We got a lot of good food today," said Rocky Hanna, one of the many folks who donated for the event.

He's not lying. From the pies to the cranberry,

This is the 15th consecutive year that the Ghazvini family and other selfless volunteers have given back on Thanksgiving.

"We see a lot of the same people each year. It's great to talk to people and realize that maybe they need to make a phone call to their family, and it seems like a small thing but to be able to talk to a loved one, it means a lot to people this time of year," said Jason Ghazvini.

Of course those who did need to make a phone call could do it free of charge.

Melvin Henderson was one of the many folks enjoying some turkey and all the fixings. He just got to Tallahassee in May but already felt at home.

"It's just like family, it's like a big family, you know? Everybody enjoying, can't beat it," said Henderson.

The sponsors for the event said they anticipated feeding close to 750 people.

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