Life-Changing Car Wash Resolves Permitting Issue

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By: Andy Alcock
May 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A non-profit group has resolved a car wash permitting issue with the city of Tallahassee.

Teen Challenge operated the car wash on West Tennessee Street to help young men overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

City inspectors sent the group a voluntary compliance notice in April.

Since that time, Teen Challenge has taken down a carport and a couple of signs to comply with the order.

The group is now working with Florida's Department of Environmental Protection to voluntarily comply with water treatment issues.

By: Andy Alcock
May 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A car wash used to help young men overcome drug and alcohol addiction is facing some challenges.

The car wash on West Tennessee Street in Tallahassee is run by a
non-profit group called Teen Challenge.

Eighteen months ago, a judge ordered Justin Smith to take part in Teen Challenge.

At that time, Smith says pain pills had taken over his life.

"I was completely hooked on it where I couldn't get out of bed without taking pain medication and it was an every day issue," said Smith.

"We believe that the Teen Challenge is the faith based solution for people who's lives are out of control," said Travis Moran, Tallahassee Teen Challenge Executive Director.

The car wash is major part of that program. Administrators say it provides one quarter of its funding. And it teaches clients work ethic.

"Teen Challenge is a great program, all of us are aware about that," said Tallahassee Building Official Glenn Dodson.

But Dodson says there are problems with the car wash.

He says after owners of a nearby for profit car wash sent a complaint to the county, city inspectors issued this voluntary compliance notice.

They found the car wash needs to install a filter for the water run off.

And they say because the wash is a permanent business, it needs proper permitting.

All the issues involve cost.

"We're wanting to cooperate with the city and county as much as possible," said Moran.

Meanwhile, Justin Smith will soon be moved to Teen Challenge staff to manage the car wash.

"It's teaching you how to be successful in life and do the right thing," said Smith.

According to the city, Teen Challenge has not met its time window to voluntarily comply with the car wash issues.

However, as part of the process, the non-profit could have months to resolve the issues.

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