North Florida In For Aggressive Mosquito Season

If the warmer temps have you thinking spring and summer, you'll probably think that this news bites.

Florida's Division of Agricultural Environmental Services says that North Florida could be in for a very aggressive mosquito season. The agency says that a very mild winter didn't help, and if our area gets another Tropical Storm Debby type of rain event, then there could be an increase in a native mosquito known as a "gallinipper," which packs a very painful bite.

"The ones that are of concern are the ones that carry disease of course, and if recovery crews are working to restore power to people who's homes have been destroyed or those who have been affected, then definitely these mosqutos will be problematic," said the agency's Chief of Entomology and Pest Control Michael Page.

Agricultural and Environmental Services said that folks should take the normal precautions they do every mosquito season by using things such as repellant and trying to not have too much exposed skin around times of dusk and before dawn.

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