Officer Being Sued had History of Invading Homes

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News Release: Law Office of James Cook

TPD Officer James Martinez, one of the officers being sued for invading Larry Pelham’s home in 2011, had a history of searching homes illegally using the hoax that there had been a “911 hang-up call” from the address.

Martinez used the hoax in order to force his way in to search homes without probable cause. TPD follow-up investigations showed that there had been no 911 calls from those addresses and that Officer Martinez’ claims to the citizens were complete fabrications.

He was not disciplined for any of the hoax searches. Attached are two of the TPD Internal Affairs reports on hoax searches by Martinez (and at least one other officer). One of the IA reports said Martinez was counseled not to use the hoax anymore and told it was “strictly forbidden” but the cases were closed “no violation.”

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