Arrest Made in Morning Police Chase and Shooting

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March 29, 2013

Tallahassee Police found a man passed out at the wheel. Moments after, they opened fire.

Police ended up chasing the man, ultimately using a taser.

Tallahassee resident Fred Parramore says he was at home watching TV, when, "All of a sudden, pow, pow, pow, like firecrackers going off. My mind was running like, dang, somebody getting shot at." He said.

It was a Tallahassee Police officer doing the shooting.

TPD says just before 1:30 Friday morning, an officer saw 24-year-old Dante Davis asleep or passed out at the wheel of a rented White Chevy Malibu.

Police say Davis was parked in the middle of Tharpe Street near High Road; so they boxed the Malibu in so Davis wouldn't wake up and roll into traffic.

Officers say when they did wake him up, Davis started ramming his car into the police cars.

That's when an officer shot at Davis several times.

Tallahassee resident Brian Johnson says, "TPD had to do what they do. They had to protect and serve. So, ramming their cars, you're going to get shot at."

Police say Davis sped off at more than 90 miles an hour. Officers say they chased him until they got to Monroe Street and Virginia Street.

Shortly after, they say they found Davis' car in the parking lot at The Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at 705 West Jefferson Street.

Officers say a police dog tracked Davis down between the Bellamy and business buildings at FSU. They say he was pacing back and forth while talking on the phone.

Campus police officers say Davis tried to hid, then started running. Officers say they tased him, then arrested him.

Police say Davis' driver's license had been revoked for fleeing officers in 2009 and canceled indefinitely in 2001.

Neither Davis nor any of the Officers were injured.

Davis faces multiple charges, including resisting and fleeing police.

Tallahassee, FL - The Tallahassee Police Department responded to a car that was stopped at the stop light at the intersection of Tharpe and High Road.

The driver of the vehicle was unresponsive. Two TPD police cruisers blocked the vehicle in and approached when the driver apparently woke up and started ramming the vehicles in an attempt to get out. One of the officers then started shooting at the driver and vehicle before the driver was able to flee. A short pursuit ended near FSU's campus and the suspect was able to be taken into custody. No injuries were reported from the suspect or police officers.

TPD is currently investigating and we will bring you an update as details become available.

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