Officials, Law Enforcement Say "Guns Everywhere" Law Is Not Safe As-Is

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Winnie Wright
July 9, 2014

Valdosta, GA - After last week's convenience store face off between two legal gun owners in Valdosta, many are wondering if changes should and will be made to House Bill 60, or the, so called, "guns everywhere" law. Police Chief Brian Childress, says he worries about some of the other places guns are now allowed.

"How could anybody not understand that mixing alcohol and guns is a problem. Allowing someone to take a gun in to a bar, where alcohol is served, is dangerous", he says.

Georgia State Representative, Ellis Black, says he has concerns about guns in government buildings. He says while court rooms are weapon-free, people could also get emotional in a tax office, or even a city council meeting.

"Some of the government officials are concerned about it. And I'm concerned about spending more money on putting in metal detectors, and that sort of stuff. That's an issue that I think will come back."

Black says he believes a line has to be drawn somewhere. Chief Childress says he agrees, and without change, he thinks there will be trouble.

"Unless someone goes back and revisits this law, we are going to have more shootings at bars. And it's going to come back to 'Chief, why did your folks allow that to happen', and my answer is simple, 'we didn't.'"

Any changes to the new law will have to come from Georgia's legislature. Regular Session starts in January of next year. Changes before then would only happen if a Special Session is called. To find out how to contact your legislators, visit