Old African American Cemetery to be Restored

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The Munree Cemetery was where African Americans in Tallahassee were buried for more than 100 years.

It was closed in 1948 and forgotten. That's until now. Multiple organizations have gotten together to bring it back to existence.

"It's going great we have huge community support. A lot of the descendents of people who were buried in the cemetery are out," said Drew Wise who has been helping out.

The cemetery is located near the corner of Mahan and Edenfield Road.

Wilbert Ferrell has relatives buried here. He is trying to restore this forgotten place.

"We've got quite a bit done so far and it's more work that needs to be done," Ferrell said.

Friday, search and rescue dogs were used to sniff for body remains.

"Were gonna run the radars to see if we actually do have human remain," Wise said.

They're using the ground penetrating radars to find patterns in the soil that represent burials. This way they won't have to dig up a grave, to see where a body is located.

Several people from the community also stopped by just to help out.

"Thanks, I wanna say thank you to em," Ferrell said.

So far they've marked more than 100 potential burial sites. Ferrell hopes to turn this into a historical landmark.

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