Health of Lone Survivor in Quad Fatal Crash Improves [SLIDE SHOW]

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Gadsden County, FL -- October 16, 2012 -- Deneige Broom

Florida Highway Patrol interviewed the sole survivor Tuesday, of last week's fatal crash along High Bridge Road.

FHP says Robert Dennard was able to them what he believes happened the night four people were killed in that Gadsden County crash.

FHP says the Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyzed the car for DNA.

However they don't believe that will help them confirm who may have been driving.

It could still be several weeks before they know if alcohol was a factor.


Gadsden County, Florida-The health of the sole survivor of a quadruple fatal crash is improving.

Officials at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital say 19-year-old Robert Dennard has been upgraded from 'critical to 'fair' condition Sunday.

Dennard is the only survivor of a crash that killed four people earlier this week in Gadsden County.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the car they were went went off the roadway, before crashing into a tree, ejecting three of them.

No one involved was wearing a seatbelt.

UPDATED 10.12.2012 by Julie Montanaro

Four people are dead and another critically injured in a late night crash in Gadsden County.

Family members tell us the young men were just blocks from home when their car skidded out of control and crashed into the trees.

Friends and family came to the scene to see for themselves and to pay their respects to four men who lost their lives when their car careened off the road, struck two trees, and plummeted down an embankment.

"I've never actually had to come out to a crime scene to see the magnitude of what I just witnessed. It's just too much," neighbor Catine Stanley said.

It happened on High Bridge Road at about 2:30 Friday morning.

Troopers say it was a high speed crash. You can see the skid marks on the pavement and car parts strewn in the woods.

Deputies returned to the tree line in the afternoon to retrieve more remains.

19 year old Robert Dennard is the sole survivor. His friends all died in the crash: 20 year old Harry Thomas, 19 year old Antwon Lawson, 20 year old Ivan Roque-Villeda and 30 year old Terry Paden.

Crash reports say three of the men were ejected. Troopers say none was wearing a seatbelt and they have yet to determine who was driving.

"I guess they were all coming back...things just happen, things just happen," said Liz Thomas. Her nephew was killed in the crash.

Antwon Lawson's family stood stunned that the young man who just got his barber's license, a young man with his whole life ahead of him, could lose his life just like that.

"When your mom wake you out your sleep at two something in the morning it hurts real bad to know your brother just passed and he's just 19," his sister Kiana Lawson said.

"He was a very good person and he ain't supposed to die like this," his brother Deandre Lawson said.

Friends tell us the young men had been at a private party in Quincy to celebrate the life of another friend who died recently.

"It's just a bad tragedy. It's bad. Accidents could happen to anyone, but I'm sorry it happened to these guys. I knew all of them," said neighbor Sabrina Lockwood.

"Only God knows and he decided to take them all, four out of five. We're just praying and hoping that the last one who's surviving, makes it through because if he doesn't ... this community is just going to be ... I don't even know what to say," Catina Jackson said.

UPDATED 10.12.2012 by Julie Montanaro

Four people are dead and one is fighting for his life after a crash near Midway.

It happened around 2:30 this morning on High Bridge Road.

A steady stream of family, friends and neighbors are stopping by the crash scene to pay their respects. It's almost too much, they say, that four young people just starting out in life had to die all at once like this.

There were five people in the car. Troopers say it veered off one side of the road and then came back across both lanes and hit a tree. It spun arround and hit another tree.

Pieces of the car are strewn in the woods and one of the tires is still at the bottom of the embankment. Troopers returned soon after noon and retrieved more remains from the scene.

Troopers say no one was wearing a seatbelt. Three people were ejected from the car and troopers have still not figured out who the driver was.

Four of the five people in the car have died: 19 year-old Antwon Lawson, 20- year old Harry Thomas, 20-year old Ivan Roque-Villeda and 30-year old Terry Paden.

19-year old Robert Dennard is the sole survivor right now. He is hospitalized in critical condition,

The crash scene is right down the street from one young man's home.

Gadsden County, FL - A one car accident occurred on October 12th at 2:25 am. Four people were killed, and one person is in critical condition following the accident that took place off Highbridge Rd/ Peters Rd in Gadsden County.

It is unknown who was driving the vehicle, but the names and conditions of five passengers have been released.

Robert Lee Dennard III, age 19 of Midway, FL is currently listed in Critical condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Harry Lee Thomas III, age 20 of Fayetteville, NC; Antwon Donte Lawson, age 19 of Midway, FL; Ivan Roque-Villeda age 20, of Midway, FL; and Terry Lee Paden, age 30, of Midway, FL have all died as a result of the crash.

No one in the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt.

The vehicle, a 2005 4-door Nissan, was damaged to the amount of $5000 dollars.

Immediately preceding the accident, the Nissan was traveling east on High Bridge Road at a high rate of speed, when it traveled off the south shoulder, continuing east. The Nissan then re-entered the roadway, traveling across both lanes and then off the north shoulder, into a wooded area. It collided with a tree, rotated counter clockwise, and collided with a second tree. During the crash, three occupants were ejected.

The Nissan continued north, down an embankment, coming to final rest facing west. Three occupants were pronounced deceased on scene. A fourth occupant was pronounced deceased at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Investigation is ongoing to determine which occupant was the driver.

FHP responded to the scene, assisted by the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, Midway Fire Dept., Quincy Fire Dept., and the Gadsden County EMS.

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