One Thousand Big Bend Residents Flock To Wildlife Festival

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By: Bailey Myers
February 1st, 2014

Tallahassee FL-It was such a beautiful day out, and what better way to spend it than heading to one of our local parks.

"Just like a coke bottle alright," that's how one Refuge Official explains how to make a proper duck call. The results were a significant QUACK from many of the local children eager to learn. It was just one of the things people experienced during the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge Getting Out Doors Festival.

Lori Nicholson representing the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge explained, "The mission of this festival is to get people outdoors to reconnect them to nature to let them know what they can do outside."

Around one thousand visitors stopped by the Refuge to learn more about the wildlife in our area. Fun bird watching facts were explained using real life animals. Officials explained the Bared Owl "gets their names from those light and dark bars of colors that you see."

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Officials taught people the correct way to cast those cast nets. Some even got to learn about the people who protect this refuge, like the firefighters.
So, by the end of the day everyone left with some treasured memory.

When asked was he learned Saturday, one child told us he saw "The bear fur" And even got to touch it!

"My job is to mostly get the kids interested and show how important these things are and that they are apart and it's a big picture not to just look and see what's outside but to know that they are a part of this outside," Nicholson told us.

The Getting Outdoors Festival, otherwise known as Wildlife Heritage and Outdoors Festival, is an annual event and we were told everyone at the park hopes the weather is just as beautiful next year.

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