Stolen Manhole Covers: Three Arrested

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Quincy Police Department Release

The Quincy Police Department arrested three men on Thursday for the theft of 16 manhole covers. Manhole covers are heavy metal plates used to cover manholes for city employees to check sewer and utility underground tunnels.

Around 11AM the QPD received an anonymous call about three men driving around town in a light colored sedan with writing on the back window stealing manhole covers. Officers immediately began to BOLO (be on the lookout) for the suspects.

The vehicle was located shortly thereafter and contact was made with the owner of the vehicle at her home where the vehicle and suspects had returned. The owner advised that her son had been driving the car and officers were able to make contact with the son, Robert Fowler, Jr.

Post Miranda Warnings Fowler admitted to his involvement in the thefts and was placed under arrest. Fowler’s mother then advised officers that the two other men who had committed the thefts with her son were also inside her house. Officers were able to locate David Fancher hiding under a bed and Anthony Cannon hiding in the house’s attic attempting to avoid detection.

Both men were also placed under arrest. All three men were charged with Grand Theft and taken to the Gadsden County Jail. Mr. Cannon also had three open arrest warrants for burglary/criminal mischief and violation of probation.

Manhole covers cost the City of Quincy approximately $100 to replace. The suspects had sold the manhole covers to a local Quincy metal scrapyard for $10. Even more important than the financial loss the City suffers is the threat of injury to citizens who risk falling in on open manholes and being critically injured or killed.

Over the past several years the City has lost approximately 35 manhole covers to theft.


Robert Fowler, Jr, DOB: 10/19/92, of 215 Earnest St. Charges: Grand Theft

David Fancher, DOB: 9/8/86, of 215 Earnest St. Charge: Grand Theft

Anthony Cannon, DOB: 3/27/86 of 215 Earnest St. Charges: Grand Theft, 3 Warrants for Violation of Probation, burglary and criminal mischief.

***Photos of the arrestees may be retrieved from the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office website.

Anyone with information about others who may be involved in the theft of City manhole covers are asked to call the Quincy Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (850) 627-7111 or CrimeStoppers at (850) 574-TIPS. If your information leads to an arrest you could be eligible for a reward.

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