Local Agencies Simulate Drunk Driving Fatality [SLIDE SHOW]

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Tallahassee, FL -- A young girl was dead on the ground outside of a mangled S.U.V. The driver was wobbly and bleeding, then arrested for driving while drunk.

Thankfully, this was only a demonstration of what could happen when you drink and drive after prom. The fourth annual "Operation Prom Night" got its point across to the students watching at Florida High.

"It gave me a lot of insight on what to not do on prom night, and just to be safe and everything. WOO I just hope this doesn't happen to anyone going to prom," said senior Nakedra Williams.

Put on by the Tallahassee Memorial Trauma Center, Operation Prom Night combines local agencies treating the fake accident as a real situation.

Peter Carafano/Florida High First Responder Program AT: 56
"We have juniors and seniors that are going to prom next week and we want to reinforce what we've been teaching them all along, that drinking and driving doesn't mix, and that the outcome can be tragic," said Peter Carafano, the school's First Responder Program director.

10,000 Florida teens are injured and about 80 die in alcohol related crashes each year. The sponsors of the program want to put a dent in that statistic with the demonstration.

TMH has been putting on the program since their trauma center opened in 2009. They say that they have had no prom night fatalities during that time.

Press Release: Florida State University

WHO: Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Florida State University (FSU) School, FSU Police, Leon County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Tallahassee Fire Department, AirMethods Corporation, McGuffey's Wrecker Service, Florida Emergency Nurses Association

WHAT: Operation Prom Night 2013 - Drinking & Driving Accident Enactment

WHEN: Friday, April 5, 9:50 a.m.

WHERE: Florida State University School

300 School House Rd., Tallahassee FL, 32311

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare is hosting its Fourth Annual Operation Prom Night at Florida State University School to discourage local high school students from drinking on prom night. The enactment will involve students on their way to prom that are involved in a car crash after they have been drinking. Responders will include on-scene arrival FSU Police, Tallahassee Fire Department, Leon County EMS and an AirMethods emergency response helicopter.

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