Organizations Asking Georgia To Stop Endorsing The Confederacy

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By: Emily Johnson
July 22, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Across the state of Georgia there are still remnants of a different time period. Particularly in Valdosta on the Lowndes County Court House lawn there is a monument to honor the Civil War Confederate dead.

Rev. Floyd Rose who is the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Lowndes County President and Dr. Mark George who is the Mary Turner Project Coordinator are asking the state of Georgia and communities across Georgia to consider moving Confederate monuments like the one in Valdosta to private property.

"And yet we are required through a tax system that this state has adopted to pay for memorials and holiday that honor men who tried to keep my forebearers in slavery," said Rev. Rose.

Collectively the organizations have drawn up a 23 page document that they've sent to Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Assembly. In the letter they're asking the state to stop endorsing anything to do with the Confederacy.

"We need to appeal not just to blacks I want to make that clear, but to every Georgian of goodwill who wants to put slavery and everything that it represented in the past," said Rev. Rose.

The organizations said many roads in Valdosta and in other Georgia towns are named after slave holders from the Civil War era. They say they would also like to see this also changed in communities.

"I don't know of any Jewish person in Georgia who would drive down Eichmann Avenue or Rommel Boulevard or a Hitler Highway, but we live in a state where black folks are expected to drive a highway called Jefferson Davis," said Dr. Mark George.

They told WCTV that they've received a generic letter back from the Governor's Office and that they're hoping with time the movement will take hold.

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