PK Jameson Named Florida State Courts Administrator

Courtesy of Florida Supreme Court
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News Release: Florida Supreme Court

TALLAHASSEE – Longtime state government lawyer PK Jameson has been named the Florida State Courts Administrator. Her duties will center on assisting the state Chief Justice in his constitutional role as administrative head of the Third Branch of government.

“I have had the great honor of working in a variety of capacities in the legislative and executive branches of government,” said Jameson, “as well as in the private sector as a practicing attorney. I am excited about the opportunity to use my experiences to continue the mission of excellence in Florida’s court system.”

Jameson, 55, a 1990 graduate of Florida State University College of Law, will supervise a staff that provides direct support to about 1,000 state-court judges and their staffs and closely advises the Florida Legislature on matters affecting the Judicial Branch of state government.

Most recently, Jameson was general counsel for the Florida Department of Financial Services, where she supervised about 60 in-house counsel and their staffs, in addition to supervising the Division of Risk Management and the Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation, and served as the Department’s ethics officer.

Jameson has extensive experience in the Executive Branch and in both the Florida House of Representatives and Senate in a government career that began in 1994. Before 1994, she worked in private practice.

“Ms. Jameson’s work has exposed her to every aspect of Florida state governance as well as work as a private attorney,” said Florida Chief Justice Ricky Polston. “She brings the best kind of experience to the work at hand.”

Jameson prior work includes serving as senior policy adviser to the state Senate President, as Chief of Staff to the Florida House of Representatives, and as staff director to the House Judiciary Committee, among others.

“I am honored,” she said, “to have the opportunity to join the judicial branch and support the court’s mission of a fair and accessible justice system.”

Jameson will join the Office of the State Courts Administrator on May 12 and will assume leadership of the office on July 1, replacing longtime officeholder Elisabeth Goodner.

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