Packed Beaches During Memorial Day

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

May 27, 2013

Alligator Point, FL-- The coast was packed. People were soaking up the sun, sailing down the shore and snatching some snapper.

"A little fishing," said a resident enjoying the sunshine. "I like catching them, especially if I catch a big one."

That is how Folks in Franklin celebrated the many fallen soldiers who defended our freedom.

"It means a lot to us," said a Franklin County resident. "I am proud to be Americans."

"Both my grandfathers were in the military they served we have a lot of connections to the military of friends and things like that, so we understand what it means to be free and be out here and enjoy this beautiful day," said Brandy Vance, enjoying the beach.

The word freedom is edged on the hearts of family members who have lost loved ones and family was on the minds of many.

"Being with my family is my favorite part," said a Franklin County resident.

The day brought unity.