Palmer Ave/Hudson St. Shooting

By: Charlene Cristobal
July 11, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Shots rang out early Friday morning near Palmer Avenue and Hudson Street, close to FAMU campus. This, just hours after the Tallahassee Police Department announced it's plan to help curb gun violence.

Residents in the area are starting to rethink their safety. "I'm not trying to have my son grow up in this kind of situation," says Chris Starkes, who lives just a few feet from the scene. "My nieces and nephews be here a lot so, you know, it's not safe for kids."

According to TPD, they received a call around 3 o'clock Friday morning from a woman driving down Adams Street, near Palmer Avenue, who said she heard gun shots. Police have not found the shooter or shooters.

Starkes said he also heard the shots. He was with his niece and nephews. "We was out there and we just heard shots, about five times," he says. "It was surprisingly close, you know, so it kind of shocked me. Kind of put a little fear in me, a little bit."

Ternice Seniors has owned a business in this area since 1993. "I've had about two break-ins. That's not a lot, but still, to be broken into," she says. "I've just taken the proper measures to, like, stay secure and just not take my safety or any of my customer's safety for granted."

She also said that lately, she's been feeling uneasy in the neighborhood, and even tries to leave work before it gets dark. If she can't leave work early, she alerts her husband so he knows where she is.

If you have any information about the shooting, call TPD at 850-606-5800. They are urging people to help them fight the issue of gun violence and make our community safer.

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