Panhandle Shelter Workers Mistakenly Euthanize 3 Dogs

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Associated Press Release

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) -- Two employees at a Panhandle animal shelter are on disciplinary review after three dogs were euthanized by mistake.

WEAR reports a new policy has been put in place requiring a veterinarian to review each case before an animal is euthanized.

In August, the shelter accidentally euthanized Brittany Meade's dog hours before she was scheduled to be picked up. Last Thursday, the shelter picked up another dog whose owner said she had no idea workers were about to euthanize her pet. And on Friday, a dog was put down even though it had been microchipped.

Shelter workers said the phone number attached to the microchip didn't match the registered owner.

The owner was contacted by the company that makes the chips via email. By that time, the dog was dead.

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