Confusion Continues Over Common Core

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By: Garin Flowers
October 22, 2013

Common Core Standards was at the center of several parent's minds at Tuesday's Leon County School Board meeting.

Meredith Mears regularly attends the meetings and has kids in Leon schools. She's against common core. She believes the curriculum is too tough for grade level students.

"There's no gray area. It's black or white and for me as a parent to experience those things with my children, with my child in particular, I was very upset about it," Mears said.

Board member Forrest Van Camp originally planned for a common core meeting with local parents. But, he postponed it as the new Florida education commissioner holds sessions for the standards across the state.

"So we could see what input came from the state and what the recommendations that the commissioner was going to make to the state board," Van Camp said.

Van Camp has taken the leadership role to help parents learn common core as he still tries to dissect it himself.

"We still didn't get any discussion or clarification on the costs of text books, technology, the type of evaluation systems that are going to follow that, so there's still a lot to be discussed."

As Common Core Standards move ahead in Florida, Governor Rick Scott has recently directed the education department to make shifts in the plan.

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