Parking Meters Enforced On Gaines Street

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If you plan to park on Gaines Street, meter enforcement is now in effect.

The new parking meters only accept change.

It costs 50 cents an hour to park at each one of them.

Gaines Street meters east of Railroad Avenue allow parking up to four hours.

Spaces west of Railroad Avenue allow a two hour maximum.

A failure to pay could result in a $10 ticket.

"The purpose of the meters on Gaines Street is to help roll over the open parking spaces," said city of Tallahassee Spokeswoman Lizzy Kelley. "So people can down, visit the businesses, grab lunch, visit with friends and then go back to their offices or homes," she said. "But it opens up spaces for others to do the same," said Kelley.

Parking enforcement only takes place on weekdays between 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

If you're going to an evening event at the Civic Center or a weekend football game, you can park in the spots as long as you like for free, if you're lucky enough to get one.

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