Parties Look Ahead To Future Elections

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Florida might not be officially declared for President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney but both parties saw wins and losses Tuesday night.

"It's not just message that Romney clearly outspent Obama on the airwaves but Obama out maneuvered him on the ground," said political strategist Steve Vancore.

Democrats kept incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson as well as the state for President Obama if current numbers hold. Both are motivations for Republicans in the next election.

"Well we just retool and we get back out there with our activists and our organizations and our clubs," said Republican Committeeman Jeff Howell.

Howell says Republican Steve Southerland's victory in the U.S. House of Representatives proves that a strong conservative presence lies in the Big Bend.

"There are lots of Republicans and there are future elections in which the Republican party will be successful in."

Democrats and Republicans believe there are reasons to be optimistic for both parties to work together.

"Hopefully some of the election night rhetoric gets set aside. Some of the rhetoric from last year about obstruction gets set aside and we start to move forward," said Vancore.

"Power is like a pendulum it swings back and forth and one year one party is in power and another year it's another party," added Howell.

While that pendulum swings left for now, Republicans look forward to when it swings back to the right.

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