Pennsylvania Attorney General Ends Gun Loophole with Florida

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By Garin Flowers:
February 8, 2013

For 12 years, a Pennsylvania law allowed residents there to purchase gun permits online in Florida. That's even if they weren't Florida residents.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane Friday closed the "Florida Gun Loophole."

She says it gave some people in Pennsylvania, who weren't allowed to have guns, the ability to obtain a concealed carry permit from Florida.

She says that includes people who were either denied, found ineligible or had gun permits revoked.

The new law requires concealed carry permit holders to be a resident of Florida. We spoke with Shira Goodman from Cease Fire PA who fought for this day.

"They were able to go to states like Florida that looked into different things and didn't look into the same level of background information and investigation and then they were able to use those permits to carry concealed weapons in Pennsylvania," she said.

Goodman goes on further to say that research they conducted showed that they believe several crimes could've been avoided if this law wasn't in place.

"In fact, a murder was committed like that in 2010 in Philadelphia by somebody who had their Pennsylvania permit revoked. He appealed the revocation and it was denied, he got a Florida permit and then he later shot and killed a teenager that had tried to break into his car and he later plead guilty to that."

Under the new agreement with Florida, Pennsylvania residents, who have a Florida gun permit, but are not Florida residents, will have 120 days to get a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit. That'll be in June.

According to the attorney general, there are about 4,000 Pennsylvanians, who have a Florida permit.

AG Kane says if you are a dual resident of Pennsylvania and Florida, you don't need to apply for a permit in Pennsylvania, if you currently hold one from Florida.

You must, however, carry with you proof of your Florida citizenry/residence along with your permit identification, she says.

That goes for when you are carrying a concealed firearm either on your person or in a vehicle.

Even if you aren't a Pennsylvania resident, they will recognize your Florida permit, she added.

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