People Try Their Luck as Powerball Jackpot Grows

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By: Mike Springer
March 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-Not even a little rain could wash away people's hopes of winning the Powerball.

"This is the winner, baby. I got five of them right here, Powerball," said Tom Marchese, who bought several tickets.

"Very confident this is the winning ticket. I'm about to call a few friends now," said Ricardo Mcleroy, who bought a ticket.

On Saturday, Powerball was up to $320 million. Local convenience stores say big jackpots like this one draw in the crowds.

"On these days we will get people specifically buying Powerball tickets and that will take up maybe 50 percent," said one of the clerks.

Stores across the state expect to sell hundreds of tickets and with them, countless dreams are attached.

'Man, I'm going to hope for me and my guys to retire at Southern Seafood. Maybe buy a car, maybe buy a house," Mcleroy.

"I think I would probably pay off the debts that I currently have. Probably run up some new ones. Then probably save for the future for my three boys," said Marchese.

The winning number are 17-29-31-52-53, Powerball: 31

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