Plan for New Trails System in the Works

By: Lanetra Bennett
September 19, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Community members are being invited to put in their two cents on a new trail system in the works for the big bend region.

A public workshop is being held Thursday night at 6:00 at Jack McLean Community Center on Paul Russell Road in Tallahassee to discuss the master plan for the Capital City to the Sea Trails.

Tallahassee Morrison says, "I love it. I use it every single day."

Morrison, says if he loves the St. Marks Bike Trail, he knows he'll love the new trails system in the works.

Leon and Wakulla County commissioners have initiated the Capital City to the Sea Trails.

Morrison says, "I like the safety part of it. Also, I like being out in the woods because very day that you ride, it's a little bit different. It would be wonderful. I would go a lot farther down the trail. I'd enjoy."

The vision is to have a series of trails that will connect various regions of Leon and Wakulla counties, and in the future Franklin, Gadsden, and Jefferson Counties.

Tallahassee resident Nancy Lucas says she loves coming to the St. Marks Bike Trail to roller blade. She says she likes the idea of a new trails system. She says, "It'd be nice to have it in different places and then I can get different sites and different scenery and kind of change it up a bit. I think that'd be nice."

Leaders say the trails are not defined for specific users but will provide transportation options other than cars.

St. Marks and the Ochlockonee Bay Bike trails are existing trails that would help make up the system.

Frequent St. Marks Trail user Arianne Burley, says, "It's very pleasant to go down. It's nicer than just walking down the sidewalk. It's peaceful."

Organizers say it is difficult to say at this time how many miles of trails will be under the Capital City to the Sea Trails umbrella.The master plan is still in the making.

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