Police Looking For Motive In Thomasville Shooting

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June 9, 2014

Thomasville, GA - "I was in the club and I came out and heard gunshots," said Anthony Smith who was an eyewitness to the shooting.

Smith said he was coming out of the American Legion building when he looked down the street and saw his friend lying on the ground.

"See my boy Melvin that's it. He was a good dude, he cut everybody's hair around here," said Smith.

This all happen at about 2:00 o'clock Sunday morning. Thomasville Police responded to gun shots in the 300 block of Hopkins Street. That's when they found Melvin Mitchell had been shot by LeMoses Carr.

Carr who was originally charged with Aggravated Assault is now being charged with an additional Aggravated Assault on a police officer.

"Due to the fact that he did strike a sheriff deputies vehicle as they initiated a traffic stop to try and get him apprehended Saturday morning," said LT. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Spokesperson.

Investigators were on scene Monday looking for any further evidence into the motive of the shooting. As for Smith he said his friend shouldn't have been shot.

"Messed up, everybody mad. Everybody is mad about the situation," said Smith.

Mitchell is still in critical condition at Archbold Memorial.
Smith said Mitchell was the neighborhood barber and he and his friends would like to see Mitchell come home.

Thomasville Police is asking for any eyewitnesses of the shooting to come forward to help solve the case. Their number is (229) 227-3249 or their Crime Stoppers number is (229) 227-3305.

Story by: Chris Gros
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Thomasville, GA - One man is under arrest and another in the hospital after an early morning shooting in Thomasville.

Authorities tell us it happened on the 300 block of Hopkins Street around 2:00 A.M.

Thomasville police say LeMoses Carr shot Melvin Mitchell. Mitchell remains in critical condition at Archbold Memorial Hospital. Investigators are still looking into a motive for the shooting.

"The motive is unknown at this time. What really caused the incident to happen. Eyewitnesses did say they did see that Mr. Carr fired and strike Mr. Mitchell during the shooting. Mr. Mitchell is in critical condition at Archibald Memorial Hospital," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Carr is charged with aggravated assault and violation of probation. He was on probation for armed robbery and aggravated assault.

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