Police: Two Incidents At Local Middle School Within One Week

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By Kara Duffy
August 30, 2013

Thomasville, GA - It was a troublesome week for folks at MacIntyre Park Middle School . On Wednesday, Thomasville Police were called out for a fight that broke out between two students.

"One of the children, a juvenile had a knife, that was closed, it was never opened, he struck the other juvenile," said Lt. Wade Glover, the Criminal Investigations Division commander with the Thomasville Police Department. "He never cut him, but he did sustain minor injuries from it," he added.

Police charged the juvenile student with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon on school property.

On Thursday, just one day later, police returned to the school for reports of a possible sexual battery case.

"We had a female student who had confided in one of the counselors that she had been assaulted by three other students, that she had been touched inappropriately," Lt. Glover said.

One juvenile has been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, and the two others are still being questioned, but have not yet been charged.

In the wake of both incidents, the principal of MacIntyre Park Middle School , Keith Hose, released this statement through email:

"It's unfortunate that incidents happen in schools and children do not always make the best decisions. Matters like these are occurring everywhere. However misbehavior and misconduct will not be tolerated. This administration will address all problems head on. We will enforce the rules and laws here at MPMS. This will be a conducive learning environment for all students. Safety of our faculty, staff and students are one of our top priorities. My Assistant Principal, SRO and even my student leaders should be commended for their efforts in quickly resolving these matters."

Police say they are proud of the way both students and school officials handled both situations.

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