Police: Monticello Man Admits To Not Reporting Mother's Death, Cashing Social Security Checks

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Press Release: Monticello Police Department

The Monticello Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators conducted a thorough interview with David Patronis.

Patronis admitted that the deceased was his mother Marion Patronis.

David Patronis also admitted that Marion Patronis had passed away in September of 2012. MPD received verification from Social Security that benefits are still being paid to Marion Patronis. David Patronis admitted receiving monies from September to present that amounted to $13,500.

David Patronis was charge additionally with Grand Theft. The Medical Examiners Office reported that the body found had been deceased more than 6 months. MPD is still waiting on the Medical Examiners Office to positively identify the body and cause of death.

The investigation is still ongoing.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:

David Patronis

Arrested: 6-7-13
Bond: $27,500
Charges: Grand Theft, making a false report to law enforcement, failure to report a death, failure to embalm a body and storing a human body in an unlicensed facility.

A public defender has been appointed to represent Mr. Patronis.

No further court information is available at this time, but WCTV will continue to keep you updated as more information is received.

UPDATE 6-8-13 9:45 a.m.
By: James Buechele

The Monticello Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have found and arrested David Patronis. He is currently in the Jefferson County Jail.

Both FDLE and MPD conducted a thorough interview with Patronis, according to MPD Chief Fred Mosley.

Authorities say they found a badly decomposed body when they made a welfare check on the man's mother at his home. There's no sign of her, and there were arrest warrants out for him.

He faces multiple charges. We'll continue to update the story throughout the day.

By: Lanetra Bennett
June 6, 2013

Monticello, FL - We have continuing coverage now of a body found Wednesday at a man's house in Monticello.

Authorities tell us they found the badly decomposed body when they went to check on the man's mother. There's no sign of her, and there are now arrest warrants out for him.

Authorities were still on the scene Thursday looking for more evidence at 685 South Waukeenah Street in Monticello.

What they'd already found was shocking to neighbors.

Nicole Bennington says, "We've lived here a year and a half and it's a little scary."

Police say they found a decomposed body in a crawl space under the house.

Bennington says, "To think that we didn't really smell anything. Just to know, to have somebody to live next door; it's creepy. It's real creepy."

Police say it all started when a relative was trying to contact the elderly woman who lived in the home to notify her of a family death.

When officers went to the home to check on her, they say her son, David Patronis, told them that his mother died last year.

Monticello Police Chief Fred Mosley says, "Officers began investigating into the matter of her being deceased. We couldn't locate any death records. We checked with social security and learned that she was still receiving benefits."

That's when police came back to the home with a search warrant, but, Patronis was gone.

"He was so quiet. Says, Bennington.

Other neighbors say the same, that Patronis was always quiet. One man called Patronis a shut-in. Another man says he didn't know anyone was still even living in the home.

Authorities say the body they found was so decomposed that they couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, much less Patronis' mother.

Police are searching for David Patronis. He's wanted for failing to report a death among other charges. He was last known to be driving a 1987 4-door gold Volvo sedan with Florida tag A-C-E-M-5-2.

Anyone with information is asked to call Monticello Police at 850-342-0150.

They are still waiting for the medical examiner's office to positively identify the body found under his home.

Press Release: Monticello Police Department

Monticello Police were asked to conduct a welfare check on an elderly female who lived with her son, David Patronis on South Waukeenah Street in Monticello.

Officers went to the residence and were informed that the female passed away in Tallahassee last year. Officers began searching for proof of the female’s death. Relatives were interviewed and records were researched.

Officers discovered that Social Security benefits were still being paid to the female. Officers obtained a search warrant for Patronis’ residence and executed that search warrant Wednesday afternoon. The officers were assisted by a local group of K-9 handlers who specializes in human body recovery.

A K-9 alerted on a crawl space at the rear of the residence. Officers entered the crawl space and located a decomposing human body. The body was to badly decomposed for an immediate identification. Once the body was located, MPD requested forensic assistance from FDLE’s Mobile Crime Scene Unit.

There was no one at the residence. Police are currently searching for David Patronis and hold arrest warrants for Patronis. Patronis was last known to be operating a 1987 4-door gold Volvo sedan bearing Florida tag ACE-M52 Anyone having contact with Patronis is asked to contact the Monticello Police Department at 850-342-0150.

By: Garin Flowers
June 5, 2013

An investigation is underway for unidentified human remains found at a local home.

It all started with a call from a relative of the resident of the home.

The Monticello Police Department received the call and a complaint, which led them to a home on the 685 South Waukeenah Street.

Police then started a missing person investigation for the resident of the home.

They obtained a search warrant and what they found was shocking, unidentified human remains underneath the home.

Monticello Police called on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to assist with the investigation.

No word yet on who lived in the home. We spoke to neighbors about the situation.

"I be walking in the evening and I passed by and this big man lived there," said Donna Hagan, a Monticello resident.

Police were not yet able to specify if this is a criminal investigation.

They said at this time they are still investigating and will let us know as soon as they determine what they have.

As for the identity of the remains, police say they need to perform tests to figure out who it is but, that information should come sooner than later.

Monticello, FL - The Monticello Police Department is on the scene at a home where they say they found unidentified human remains.

Police say they received a complaint involving a welfare check which brought them to a home at 685 South Waukenah Street in Monticello. That's where they found the remains underneath the home.

Monticello Police asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to assist...We will continue to bring you information.

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