Police Tackle Gang Graffiti

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Story by: James Buechele

Quincy, Fla.

Officers in one Florida county are tackling street gang graffiti.

The Quincy Police Department painted over several locations in town today. Rival gangs the 'Southside 13's' and the 'Northside 14's" have been tagging buildings to mark their territory.

QPD says there's been a slight increase in gang-related activity in both Gadsden and Leon counties. Officers say the broken window theory is the main reason they're trying to cover up the gang signs.

"If as soon as you find something as broken, something that is defaced, you go out you eradicate it and that takes those who want to participate in that it takes the sting out," said investigator Michael Wallace.

Officers spent several hours stopping at more than a half dozen locations to paint over graffiti.

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