Portrait Photography Store Shuts Down

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Andy Alcock
April 16, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A portrait photography store in some WalMarts in Florida, Georgia and around the country has shut down.

Locally, one "Picture Me Studio" was inside the Tallahassee WalMart on West Tennessee Street.

When a customer called to complain about paying for undelivered photos, we found out the stores abruptly closed about two weeks ago.

The "Picture Me" website notes the closing.

It also says customers who have an album or recent portrait session can order products online at myonlineportraits.com through this Thursday, April 18th.

Additionally, a WalMart spokeswoman says the chain is working to get remaining pictures.

She also says if customers haven't been able to get their pictures, they can go to customer service at the store where the photos were purchased with a receipt.

WalMart will then refund their money.

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