Possible Re-Development of Westwood Shopping Plaza

June 3, 2014 Alicia Turner
June 3, 2014

Big changes may be in store for the Westwood Plaza on the corner of Pensacola St. and Ocala Rd. Some local shoppers are welcoming the change, Jayce Hill is a resident of Tallahassee and he said it will be something great for the students.
"This part of town is really driven by the students so to give them more resources and access to more business it's going to be good for the students and the businesses.” Hill Said.
The shopping center currently sits about a block off of the street and the planning department says the goal is to give the plaza more curb appeal. The Westwood Plaza will be on the planning commission ballot Tuesday night,
"They’ll be a build up along the street, wide sidewalks, and a very pedestrian friendly feel, with some seating, and we think it would be a real good improvement for that area," Said Russell Snyder, a Land Use Planning Division Administrator. We were able to catch up with, frequent shopper, Dawn Oleski, who thinks the redevelopment will have benefits even better than the added business
"I think it's a good idea just as far as traffic is concerned it's always a little confusing getting into the plaza so it will make it a little more organized if its closer to the street in general. If the plan is approved Tuesday the next stop is the city commission June 25.

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