Garner Keeps Seat As Gadsden County Judge

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Gadsden County, Florida- August 14, 2012- 11pm

Kathy Garner won the race in Gadsden County to continue serving as the county judge. She received 57 percent of the vote tonight with 2 other people running against her.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting...
State Attorney Frank Allman gets 29 percent.
14 percent of votes go to Marva Davis.
And Incumbent Kathy Garner has 57 percent.


Gadsden County, Florida- August 14, 2012- 5:30pm

Tonight could be winner-takes-all in the race for the next Gadsden County Judge. The current judge is fighting to keep her seat.

Judge Kathy Garner made history in 2009 when then Governor Charlie Crist appointed her to the position. She became the first woman and first black judge in the county. Tonight, Garner is trying to hold onto that seat.

She's up against Frank Allman and Marva Davis.

Allman has been a prosecutor with the state attorneys office since the 1990s and he's also a former police officer.

Davis has been a lawyer in the county. And a mediator. Davis says she has more than three decades of experience in law. If she were to win, she would be the first woman and first black judge to be elected in the county since Garner was appointed.

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