Pot Brownies in Class, Recipe for Disaster

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Boulder, Colorado - Two Colorado University students are facing multiple felony charges.

Campus police say they fed marijuana-laced brownies to their unsuspecting classmates and instructor.

They brought their brownies into the classroom as part of their bring food day.

Who knows if 21-year-old Thomas Cunningham and his 19-year-old classmate Mary Essa thought they would get away with it.

Ryan Huff, CU Police Spokesman, stated, "they had baked those brownies, and put thc or some type of marijuana substance into the brownies.Turns out in their small history class they were the only ones to bring food that day. This was just a stupid, irresponsible act, an act that in a classroom of 12 - sickened 7 students, and sent 3 to the hospital, including their Professor.She just kept going in and out of consciousness, so she would answer a question and then slump."

Susan Kent, Chair, CU Boulder History Department, stated, "one can only imagine had she been in the car, had she been with her children in the car, when the drugs started to take effect, what could have been the outcome of this, and it's just a terrible, irresponsible and reckless act."

Putting marijuana in a food product and providing it somebody without their knowledge has always been illegal, and that will continue to be illegal, even after amendment 64.

Officials say the looming legalization of small amounts of marijuana has nothing to do with what happened inside this history class.

This is a first, officials say, in the history of cu, and there could be prison time involved in this case, as well as, an offense that two students likely didn't think would end, quite, like this.

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