Pre-school Student Forced to Eat Lunch In School Bathroom

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Tallahassee, FL - A local elementary school worker has been disciplined after a four-year-old pre-school student was forced to eat lunch in a bathroom.

Taleighl Wilson's son Trelltarius is four years old.

On Thursday, Taleighl says she received a call from her son's school Canopy Oaks Elementary to bring him a change of clothes.

When she arrived, Taleighl was told her son was at the school's medical clinic. When she didn't see him right away, Taleighl was told Trelltarius was in the bathroom.

"They had my baby eating his lunch in the restroom right by the toilet," said Wilson.

Specifically, Taleighl says a chair was set up where Trelltarius was sitting and another one was set up for his lunch.

"The clinic lady told me the reason why she placed him into the restroom, was because the children was coming to get their meds. She felt that was a safe place to put my baby," she said.

But Taleighl believes her son shouldn't have been in the clinic at all if it wasn't safe.

She complained to the Canopy Oaks principal.

A statement from Leon County Schools says in part, "The school adressed the issue and the employee has been disciplined accordingly."

According to a schools spokesman, a clinic aide is the one who's been disciplined.

"I don't think she should be there, she had my baby right beside the toilet," said Wilson.

The schools spokesman would not reveal the nature of the employee punishment.He would only say it was done based on contractual disciplinary procedures.

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