Precautions To Take During Mosquito Season

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By: Kevin Clark
June 18, 2014 6pm

Tallahassee, FL - When the weather warms up, Dixon's Pest Control sprays for mosquitoes at nearly 10 houses per day.

"Typically our mosquito season is April through October and that's where we tailor our services around," said owner Charles Dixon.

Even Dixon admits that whether you use a professional spraying service or not, there are easy precautions anyone can take to fight off the spread of mosquitoes.

"Drain any standing water," he said. "If you can keep water out of (containers) you can eliminate breeding sites."

Officials say you can also protect yourselves by covering up.

"Wearing long-sleeve shirts, long pants, hats, and when possible using repellents to prevent mosquito bites," said Glen Pourciau, Leon County Stormwater Superintendent.

On the subject of repellents, there's a few you should look for. Officials say to buy repellent with the ingredient "deet" because this has been proven effective to fight off mosquitoes.

They also say these repellents are better off not used on small children, but to read the label first.

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