President Obama Proposes Pell Grant Budget Cuts

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President Obama is planning some major budget cuts, and it could mean big changes for students hoping to attend college.

An administration official says President Obama is proposing to cut 100 billion dollars from the Pell Grant program over the next ten years.

The Pell Grant is a financial aid given by the Federal government to students in a lower income group, to help them complete their bachelors degree.

The cut-backs, which would need congressional approval, are projected to save more than 90 billion dollars.

"It actually really helped me out, the pell grant helped me out, on top of me having 75 percent bright futures because I was able to pay my rent without having to work full time, I could pay for all of my extra books and expenses, all the things that bright futures didn't cover. You know, just kind of knowing what my mom had to deal with, you know, trying to send me to school and not having the money, not having the pell grant for a lot of students," said Pell Grant recipient Camelia Sherrod.

Officials say they plan to use the savings to keep the maximum college financial aid award at $5,550.

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