Slashing Domestic Violence by the Numbers

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Tallahassee, FL - A new Tallahassee review team is slashing domestic violence by the numbers.

Zachary Summerlin is part of the Leon County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team. The mission of the team is to get the public aware of how to prevent domestic violence.

"As a team we are focusing on workforce education--we are looking at utility flyers that will go out through landlords in terms of addressing domestic violence with tenants," said Summerlin.

According to Summerlin, we can prevent domestic violence by knowing about the different shelters in our area.

Every year domestic violence homicides in Tallahassee increases. More than 400 women, children, and men seek emergency shelter. More than 700 domestic violence victims seek counseling in our area each year. The Refuge House hot line receives more than 3,500 call every year.

" We have a community that wants to see change in a positive way we have a community that wants to serve and protect," said Summerlin.

The new Tallahassee team analyzed several local domestic violence homicides in neighbors and were surprised by how many people knew the victim was being abused and wanted to help, but did not know how.

"It does happen so we want to figure out how to and our goal is to make that number go down," said Summerlin.

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