Prison Worker Arrested For Having Sex With Inmates

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UPDATED 6:19 p.m.

"This behavior will not be tolerated," said Decatur County Prison warden Elijah McCoy.

Latoya Biggles of Bainbridge faces two counts of sexual assault charges. She's accused of having sex with two inmates at the prison.

She worked as a dietitian and was a supervisor of the inmates who would work in the kitchen.

"She knows the do's and the don'ts and that she can't have any personal dealings with inmates."

McCoy says an inmate tipped off prison officials about Biggles having sex in a dry food storage room inside the kitchen. McCoy set up hidden cameras and caught the whole thing on film which hasn't been publicly released yet.

"She would lock that door from the inside," said McCoy walking our cameras through the room. "She would take these racks, these bread racks, and she would actually pull them out to this area here. She would step around this area by pulling these bread racks out here. They would get into this corner behind the bread racks and this is where they would have consensual sex."

There's about 60 staff members here at the Decatur County Prison and McCoy says he's going to meet with every single one of them to make sure they understand the zero tolerance policy.

"It's dis conduct. I won't tolerate it and the department policy is zero tolerance. If you're violating these policies you're going to jail."

By: James Buechele
March 6, 2014 - 12:15pm

Bainbridge, GA - Officials at the Decatur County Prison have arrested Latoya Biggles for having sex with two inmates.

Prison officials found out from an informant that Biggles and inmates were having sex in the dry food storage area in the prison kitchen. She was caught in the act by hidden cameras placed by prison officials in the area.

Biggles had been working at the prison for four months as a part time dietitian. Supervising inmates who worked in the kitchen was among her duties.

Officials believe this had been going on for about a month. The investigation lasted only days after prison officials set up the cameras in the storage area.

Decatur County Prison Warden Elijah McCoy tells WCTV that Biggles confessed to what happened after being confronted by officials.

Biggles was arrested Wednesday evening and faces two counts of sexual assault. She could face up to 25 years in prison, a $100,000 fine, or both.

We continue to follow this story, and will have updates as they become available.

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