Bond CHC Board Chair Won't Resign

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By Andy Alcock
August 8, 2013

Leon County, FL - The board chair for the troubled Bond Community Health Center will not step down.

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor sent a letter on Wednesday to Bond Board Chair Antonio Jefferson asking for his resignation.

Proctor claims Jefferson is responsible for improperly placing the clinic's mobile van in Gretna.

Jefferson serves as city manager there.

However, Jefferson says the mobile clinic was coming to Gadsden County long before he became chair four months ago.

He says he had nothing to do with the mobile unit's placement, but says Gadsden County is part of Bond's coverage area.

"I'm greatly saddened by Commissioner Proctor's actions of recent," said Jefferson. " This latest event for him calling for my resignation is even more saddening," he said.

Proctor also led an effort to suspend county funding for Bond.

Jefferson says he's made several attempts to meet with Proctor to address his concerns.

But Proctor hasn't met with him.

Jefferson says he doesn't plan to send a written response to Proctor's letter calling for his resignation.

He says he'd only step down if asked by the other board members.

Jefferson is four months into a two year term as chairman.

Leon County, FL - Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has requested the resignation of the chairman of the Bond Community Health Center Board of Directors.

Proctor states his concerns in a written statement which outlines that there is a conflict of interest between Antonio Jefferson’s position as city manager of Gretna and his chairmanship over the BCHC.

It also claims misuse and abuse of the Leon County based community health center in a time where the county is dealing with significant financial constraints.

Below is the letter from Commissioner Bill Proctor to Bond Community Health Center Chairman, Antonio Jefferson, requesting that he honorably resign from the Bond Community Health Center Board of Directors.

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