Project Annie Feeds Community for Thanksgiving

Tallahassee, FL - For many it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without turkey and dressing.

There are some who wouldn't have Thanksgiving at all if it weren't for Project Annie.

Tallahassee resident Edith Ammons says, "I thank God I'm here."

Tallahassee resident Annie Johnson started Project Annie 15 years ago. Anyone in the community can come to her place on Fourth Avenue to get a free meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Area resident Gremmlock Holmes says, "You got people out here that's eating and don't have to worry about being cold and hungry. Just to have a good, hot meal in your stomach, at least you had something to eat on a special day. I thank her for it."

Organizers say Project Annie usually provides about 1,000 meals every year. Many people are homeless. Some are folks who just appreciate good food.

Samuel Bryant says, "I'm very grateful for being able to come out and get a hot meal."

Augustus Beverley says, "We thank Ms. Annie and the community for this food. It's a blessing to be here."

Johnson says it's simple why she does it. "Because this is my ministry and I love it."

She says that none of it would be possible if it weren't for the many volunteers who help. Many of whom make it a yearly tradition."

Twenty-one year old Katelyn Levine's dad has been bringing her to volunteer since she was eleven years old.

Levine says, "It's very heartwarming. I remember when I was little I didn't really understand it as much. Now that I'm older it's, are we going every year. I make sure that we're going."

Richard Carter has been volunteering with Project Annie for all 15 years. He says, "I feel grateful just to come and help Ms. Annie. I'll be here right with her. I'll be here right with her helping her do what she does best -- take care of the public."

Good Shepard Church surprised Ms. Annie this year by bringing in 100 pre-fixed meals.

Johnson also holds Project Annie on Christmas Day. It'll be held at 625 West Fourth Avenue in Tallahassee from 11am to 4 pm.

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