Prominent FAMU Alumnus from Microsoft Corporation Hosts Fire Side Chat with Students

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February 14, 2016

TALLAHASSEE -- There was a magnificent spread at FAMU president's house Elmira Magnum’s house Sunday Afternoon.

And it wasn’t for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but for a fire side chat between FAMU students and prominent FAMU Alumnus John Thompson.

"One of the goals actually was to meet John Thompson, and its here and it's happening," said FAMU Sophomore Johnathan Bertrand.

Thompson graduated from FAMU’s School of Business in 1971. He's now the CEO of Virtual Instruments and chairman for Microsoft Corporation.

Sunday evening he shared his journey of success with recipients of the High Achievers Scholarship an award given to sophomores and juniors who've achieved academic success.

"Aspiring to be the CEO of the company when you just joined the company that makes no sense. You have to have some context around thinking about careers. When you have context in achievement along the way, it gives you a reason to want to try more to try harder” said Thompson.

Thompson's financial contributions to FAMU help fund scholarships like the High Achievers Scholarship, something many students find inspiring.

“No matter where you come from or where you started from it's about how you finish. It's about what you do to improve yourself after graduating,” said Sophomore Keishon Smith.

And for Thompson, being seen at as a role model from students makes it all worth wild.

“I never saw myself as a role model but for people to recognize that hard work can truly lead to success and I am the symbol of that, then that's a good thing for them and me,” said John W. Thompson.

John W. Thompson will be speaking to more FAMU students tomorrow at lee hall auditorium.

Doors will open at 10 am with the program beginning at 10:30.

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