Proposal Could Allow Electronic Car Insurance Cards For Georgia Drivers

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By: Kara Duffy
February 21, 2013

Thomasville, GA- Keeping track of your car insurance card can sometimes be a hassle, but a new government proposal could make it easier for some folks to do so.

The plan from Monroe Republican Bruce Williamson has been cleared by the State House of Representatives.

Williamson says the idea of electronic car insurance cards would bring Georgia traffic laws into the 21st century.

Under the proposal, drivers would be able to access their proof of insurance through their smartphones.

Williamson says the electronic cards would be more convenient

We spoke to some drivers in Georgia, and they seem to agree.

"I'd totally do that," said Thomasville resident, Seth Golden. "I would really like to do that. It'd be a lot easier than having to keep track of your insurance information."

Georgia driver Ben Peters added, "It'd be much more convenient. You get those cards every six months or year; I'm always throwing out old ones, putting new ones in. So if I had it on my phone, I always have my phone. It'd be great."

Those who support the proposal say electronic cards would also be more convenient for anyone driving a vehicle other than their personal car, such as a rental car or company car.

The proposal will now head to the Senate.