Proposal for National Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Tallahassee Reviewed

By: Lanetra Bennett
September 3, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The National Veterans Administration is getting feedback from local officials on a proposal to open a veterans memorial cemetery in Leon County.

Residents welcome the proposed site, but, the homeowners association president of Hampton Creek Subdivision, Nico Lauw, says, some of them have questions. He says they've asked, "What's the buffer going to be like between the houses and meadows? Are they going to look at trees or are they going to look at sites? Are they going to hear taps all day, are they going to hear traffic coming in and out, are they going to hear machinery, prepping areas?

Lauw relayed those questions to county officials during a review committee meeting Wednesday. He says residents also asked, "What are you doing to the value of my homes and what are you going to be doing to my property value taxes? Are they going to see an influx?"

The cemetery would be at 5015 Apalachee Parkway on 250 acres east of the Timber Lake subdivision. The proposal calls for 7,720 burial spaces.

Anthony Justice lives in the southwest corner of Hampton Creek. He's concerned about the construction project worsening flooding in the area. He says there are times when he's had 12 to 18 inches of standing water in his yard. He says, "Where I live, the hill kind of comes down at a pretty steep grade. After heavy rain storms, there is some moderate flooding in our area."

A county officials says the plans could actually improve flooding problems.

The developers were advised on what to do to get permits, and will come back with any changes, and the answers to residents' questions.

Developers say if the permitting process goes well, groundbreaking on the new cemetery could be within the next six months.

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