Proposed Bill Would Automatically Register Florida Voters

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Tallahassee, FL- Claims of long lines and disenfranchised voters have led to calls to reform Florida's voter registration process. It's a call a newly proposed State Senate Bill hopes to answer.

Under the proposed State Senate Bill 234, those who are eligible to vote would be automatically registered based off the information on their drivers license.

Democrat State Senator Jeff Clemens filed the bill. He claims Florida's current voting system disenfranchises women and African-Americans. He also says his plan solve problems the state has had with third parties registering voters.

"This just seems a much more simple way to make sure that as many people as possible in the state are registered to vote and to avoid some of those third party issues," says Clemens.

The proposed bill contains an opt-out provision for people who don't want to be automatically registered.

The cost to put Clemens' plan into action has not yet been established.

However, the State Senate is expected to take up the proposed bill sometime during the 2013 Legislative Session.

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