Proposed Gas Station Has People Fighting Back In Leon County

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By: Emily Johnson
March 30, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - An approximate 6.5 acre piece of property in eastern Leon County is causing a lot of controversy.

Thelma Crump along with other members of the Keep It Rural Coalition spoke Sunday afternoon at a community forum. The group wanted to raise awareness about a proposed gas station at the corner of Miccosukee and Crump road in eastern Leon County.

"This community means everything to me. This is something that should not be apart of our community this is a rural area," said Thelma Crump.

Residents in the neighborhood said they want to stay true to the beauty of the land and they oppose having a gas station being built. County Commissioner Bryan Desloge was on hand to listen to what people had to say.

"What's the right thing and the wrong thing for the community. We have to be careful we don't respond to what some people call the vocal minority, but this is clearly the majority in this area of the county," said Desloge.

Approximately 120 people came out to the forum. Cyclist Ed Deaton said a gas station would take away from Miccosukee Road.

"This is really one of the features of Leon County that we need to be proud of and protect and frankly having that kind of store this close to the canopy road doesn't protect the road," said Deaton.

An application Review Meeting will be held Wednesday at the Renaissance Center at 1:30P.M. for people to express their concerns about the gas station.

If you would like more information about the Keep It Rural Coalition their website is

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