South Ga. County Makes Changes To 'Responsible Dog Ownership Law'

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By: Kara Duffy
April 3, 2014

Colquitt County, GA- Several dogs are now being held at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society after being deemed vicious.

Executive Director Don Flowers says just within the past week they've seen a spike in the number of dog attacks.

"This week we've had 7 dog bites and all of them have been in the county' 5 of those were pretty serious," Flowers said. "We've seen skin torn off the arms, puncture wounds to the face; one individual a few years back had 80 stitches in their head and that was a young child," he added.

Georgia's Responsible Dog Ownership Law went into effect in 2012; the goal is to protect people and pets from dangerous dog attacks.

"If it's been deemed vicious or dangerous, they'll have to keep it in a certain enclosure, they'll have to have a lock on it, get extra insurance; up to $50,000," Flowers said.

On Tuesday, Colquitt County Commissioners voted to make some changes to the law; starting with the formation of an appeals board.

Flowers says the board will consist of several members, including a lawyer as well as a representative from the Health Department.

"If an individual has a dog that we have deemed as vicious or potentially dangerous, it gives the owner a right to go before the board and try to have that decision changed," Flowers said.

Flowers says the appeals panel will be operating fully within the next month.