Psychics Say Soothsaying Laws Unfair To Believers

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Associated Press Release

NEW YORK (AP) -- They're in a mystical business with few guarantees, so perhaps anyone could foresee tension between psychics and the law.

Two psychics have recently been convicted of big-money frauds in New York and Florida. But beyond those cases is a history of legal wrestling over fortunetelling, free speech and fraud.

Numerous cities and states have laws banning or restricting soothsaying in itself.

Courts have struck down some but upheld others in recent years. Meanwhile, some communities repealed longstanding fortunetelling laws as others passed new ones in the last few years.

Some psychics feel anti-fortunetelling laws tarnish them and are unfair to people who feel seers have something to offer.

Authorities say they aim to distinguish between catering to people's interest in the supernatural and conning them.

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